A forest spa that's true to nature.

Imagine a serene oasis nestled within the enchanting embrace of a lush cloud forest. A place where you can immerse yourself in complete tranquility, and where the soothing whispers of nature harmonize with a symphony of rejuvenating therapies. 

At Spa Foresta, we invite you to experience the ultimate relaxation through a myriad of indulgent treatments. From expertly crafted massages and rejuvenating organic scrubs to luxurious facials that leave your skin glowing.

Our sauna therapy and invigorating cold plunge provide a blissful journey for both body and soul, promoting holistic well-being. 

Embrace the therapeutic magic of the forest with our unique forest bathing activities, allowing the healing power of nature to enhance your visit to Villa Blanca.

Let Spa Foresta be your sanctuary, and where the ethereal beauty of the cloud forest converges with the art of wellness.

Organic Facial & Body Scrubs

Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Therapy